Part Two! Millennials are Aging! Now What?? LOL.

Part One: Millennials Are Aging! Being 31 and Now What? … Thoughts and Revelations on Life So Far. … (Part I) Where I Have Been (Various Facts/Thoughts/Observations) about being 31 LOL: I am friends with many baby boomers (LOL), and people ten plus years older than me … I never expected that! It is great….

‘Big Eyes’ Film Notes/Review – Oh My Word!!! A+

This is my favorite film I have seen in years, possibly since Revolutionary Road … possibly better! (More on Rev Road in an upcoming blog!) AND Rev Road is my favorite film of the past ten years or so. I was not sure what to expect with this film: Big Eyes. I had been interested…

Music Picks! June 2015. New Sia!

This song is simply outrageous! I have always loved “California Dreamin’.” But!  Sia works it into this unreal version!!! Check the beat! (BTW what is up with the quake drama?) * Also obsessed with her song “Fire Meet Gasoline.”

Film Review: ‘St. Vincent’ = Wow Wow Oh My!!

Unexpected! Sad. Uplifting and inspiring! All within two hours! Must see film of 2014! Centers on a theme of community and building from your local people and neighborhood – grow where you are planted – I head that somewhere. This film is marketed as a dark comedy. Check. So it is funny-ish, dark-ish, but inspiring…

‘Blue Jasmine’ – Film Notes

Blue Jasmine moves along quickly and alternates between the present and past via flashback scenes. Overall, bravo! The end may leave your mind spinning 🙂 Cate Blanchett, WOW! How did any actress pull this role off??  Best film I have seen all year… Uncomfortable questions and concepts the film may have you considering …