Las Vegas Feed

Ok y’all, Vegas! – no I am not that country, but I like that expression! So Vegas has a whole host of amazing art and architecture. And high-end food, shows, and shopping. So let me explain with pics!

Jeff Koons

What a surprise!  J. Koons at the Wynn!  So this is what 30 million dollars of art looks like. 🙂 Amazing, especially in person!!! Very well guarded …


Heaven on earth!!!!  @ Eclaire @ Bellagio 🙂


Eclaire home @ the Bellagio – near the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art!  #bgfa


Fancy #Starbucks @ #PlanetHollywood 🙂


Pockets & Slivers of Goodness: ‘The Queen of Versailles’ Film Review

Slivers or pockets of goodness – I believe people have at the very least… potential for goodness. Even if they are or seem to be all bad/rotten, they can be nice to their children or an animal for a quick moment, shedding light on at least a sliver of goodness. Think of Veruca Salt of Willy Wonka, pretty bad but, well… ok pretty bad…lol …

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‘The Way, Way Back’ Movie Review and Other Related Notes

I was referred to ‘The Way, Way Back’ by Donald Miller. Or reminded. I saw the trailer a while ago, but then forgot about it.

Quick thoughts:

Sometimes it takes someone believing in you to get on the right path. The teen had little self respect, just like his mother.  That is until he is given respect by a stranger, a job, and respect from a group of peers. Continue reading “‘The Way, Way Back’ Movie Review and Other Related Notes”

Saint Louis Museum of Art / SLAM! Bam

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The Dreamer by Renoir at Saint Louis Museum of Art – Ok, this is my favorite piece of art I have even seen in person – this is my second time to see it. I came back to find it… 🙂  SLAM just opened a new addition!  It is amazing.  This is easily one of my fav museums I have visited.  Oh, and dear SLAM, thanks for the FREE admission and FREE parking!  WOW!  🙂

Just part of my new museum series.