Adam & Eve / Forgive


Adam & Eve / Forgive (Excerpt from An American Millennial)


By Garrett Larson

Think of why we are saved (offered to be saved) and why God forgets sin once we seek forgiveness and turn from it. Sin is here. From Adam and Eve. It just is. It gets passed around very fast. God knows hurting people hurt people – and how we can be so easily influenced by things without even knowing what we are doing for a while. That’s why He just says acknowledge it and move on and forget about it because He has. How fascinating is that? Think of how incapable humans are of forgetting like that. We hate to forgive and then when we do we still think of old situations. Even if we are not holding them against someone. Or sometimes we say we forgive but do not mean it. Or maybe we do but we are reminded of what happened and then get upset all over again. What, what? What God. Follow His lead, please.

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