Part Two! Millennials are Aging! Now What?? LOL.


Part One: Millennials Are Aging! Being 31 and Now What? … Thoughts and Revelations on Life So Far. … (Part I)

Where I Have Been (Various Facts/Thoughts/Observations) about being 31 LOL:

I am friends with many baby boomers (LOL), and people ten plus years older than me … I never expected that! It is great.

I have lived … um and all over the United States.

I lived in Airbnbs all over the United States. LOL. (AirBnB)

I am 32 and have no spouse and no kids

I don’t work a typical 8 to 5 right now.

I am self-employed and just kind of make things work.

I spent years in the specialty food industry.

I write books and make art. I am not an architect with a wife. LOL.

I work on my projects at cafes and coffee shops a lot!

I feel the need to share my faith and my deep love for people, while many times feeling mistreated or dismissed in general, for whatever reason.

I never expected to feel like I don’t fit in, well anywhere. I do know this is not a permanent home, and that helps a lot … knowing that. And I do not mean acting like fitting in, feeling like I or you do in a real way. You know. …

I am not comfortable a lot of times about a lot of things. BUT, faith not one of those things.

I feel confident in my faith, like stone strong bam. But in other things, not a lot.

Not always feeling financially secure and having to really pray and think about God and what He wants, and not making decisions with money being the first factor. Making it a lower or non-priority. Everyone has bills, sure. You know what I mean.

It was scary, everything. But it isn’t really anymore. God always has me.

I feel like my faith is all I really care about, but not really into the highly organized religion world.

I feel like so much is going on with current events and the world, and people are too busy making money or distracting themselves from unhappiness that they do not notice or care about real and important things.

I have a set of friends that are all over the country with so many different backgrounds. I love and appreciate you all!

I do not have endless “real” friends overall, and not just in one city.

I realize what it means to grow up, and that it is more about growing with God and not about finding some sort of mythical/perfect 8 to 5 job and having a life that looks “normal.”

I have actually tried online dating after swearing I never would. LOL.

I feel bought and sold often and realize that money is really the goal for many.

I’m learning that judging is a waste of time and not my job.

I feel love for people and strangers and new acquaintances from a place that feels pure and not self-serving.

I realize how imperfect I am and how much I need Jesus.

I know what aging feels like, and well, my back hurts! LOL.

Outro/Final Thoughts/Tips:

One thing is certain, join God’s side, and you are in for an amazing and wild ride. The Bible-based Jesus will not always FEEL safe, NO. Although we are with God and safe, ultimately. No, you will not always feel happy, but a wonderful and sometimes mysterious underlying joy persists, usually day to day.

No, you will not always know what to do. But knowing you want to work with God and help people find Him gives you a massive sense of fulfillment.

No, you will not always be loved or feel loved by people. We are in the world, NOT OF IT. Grow up. Life is tough y’all! I had to grow up, and I still am. BUT God helps us grow. It will be OK, OK? 🙂

No, we will not always “fear not.” Actually, when you put yourself out there for God and try to make a difference, you will probably be beaten up a lot by fear. We are human. It happens. Pray and “fear not.” It gets a lot easier.

Seek God, and He will reveal Himself more and more. SO TRUE. And so AMAZING! You have to do your own seeking, though! AND digging and learning! Please try it. It has made my life so remarkable and unreal. It is far from perfect and unreal in positive and negative ways but interesting, yes! Day to day I do not always think that. But looking back, looking at seeds being planted is truly amazing, knowing how God has changed me and how things do happen and can change.

And YES, it was all worth it!

Prayers and LOVE!

Baby g/garrett/Garrett Larson 🙂


Edited by: Marjorie Roberson  * Thank you 🙂


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