Millennials Are Aging! Being 31 and Now What? … Thoughts and Revelations on Life So Far. … (Part I)


Millennials Are Aging! Being 31 and Now What? … Thoughts and Revelations on Life So Far. … (Part I)

by Garrett Larson

A scene from The Office has always stuck with me – a child asks Michael Scott: “Did you become who you wanted to be?” (“Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” Season Two) Ouch! That is a loaded question, right? In work, love, family, and society in general – wow! And ouch. Especially as a millennial, LOL, but yes! More on that later.

I have been wanting to finish this article for several months … and wanting to reboot my website … I figured I should finish it now since I am almost 32, and it is about being 31! 🙂  I feel like my life is nothing I expected it to be – for better or worse. But mostly for the better, in a wild west sort of way. … What I somewhat expected when I was like, I don’t know, eleven, so twenty years ago:

Architect dude

Married/family dude


Living in a large-ish city like San Diego


Realizations About Life and Related:

Realizing my generation (millennials) is so confused it is scary – it has been a strange time to come of age.

Realizing how much grace people really do have.

Realizing the kindness of strangers is real and remarkable!

Realizing that having just one true friend is priceless and wonderful. Laughter can be so pure.

Pain is real; heartache is real.

Realizing relationships and sexuality can be confusing and difficult. Especially these days! Guess what? God has us! It really is OK! We are all OK when we look to Him. Yes.

Realizing gray areas exist everywhere. You tell me?

Realizing a lot of people you thought would be there for you won’t be or aren’t.

Realizing you can do a whole lot with God on your side. And in unexpected ways!

Success does not and should not be seen in financial ways. Money is not bad, but it is a tool. Running down cash can get destructive. …

Realizing money and evil often go hand-in-hand. Blinding comes to mind. People being blinded by cash.

Realizing forgiveness is a real … realizing grace is amazing.

Realizing that when I turned 30, I just lost a whole lot of fear in that season, not on the birthday. It was sudden though.

Realizing I don’t have much interest in fitting into this world and that is amazing and so freeing.

Realizing problems and concerns can cause anxiety. There are not magic fixes for most issues. They need to be worked through, not covered and concealed by X, Y, or Z cover.

Realizing how many people have allowed their hearts to harden. (Don’t let that happen!)

Realizing what it is like to feel like a true outcast, a lot. And that is OK. God said it would happen so. … “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” (John 15:19 KJV)

Realizing I used to think I knew it all in high school. Now the more I study and learn, the more know how much I don’t know! Ha.

Realizing I do not fit into a typical box, and that is OK!

I have seen a lot and met many people from traveling around the country on my own and with my previous job. It was a lot. People are so vibrant and amazing though!

Life can be sort of strange and amazing, right?


Goals for 32:

Complain less. Appreciate more. I think God allows lemons because we need to learn to make lemonade, or just learn … something like that. … We have lessons to learn, and they turn out benefiting us somehow, someway. …

Take better care of myself – healthier diet and workout more (I had a bad ankle injury this spring) :/

Connect more – connect with people that want to accomplish great things and move forward in a positive way!

Goal set!

Continue to attempt to not let money make decisions for me. Pray first.

Focus on people and goals, not money. … AND yeah we need money – but there is a difference in it being the goal and being a tool! 🙂


Life now has taken my breath away … positively and negatively. In-flux in a lot of ways. LOL. I have been planting seeds, so that seems good. … Where do you find yourself in life? Are you going in the direction you wanted in the past or want to be going now? It is never too late to make changes!


Part two coming soon! It will include:

Where I Have Been (Various Facts/Thoughts)

Outro/Final Thoughts/Tips


 Thanks! Prayers and LOVE!

 Baby g/garrett/Garrett Larson 🙂


Edited by: Marjorie Roberson  * Thank you 🙂


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Note: A special thanks to my people! Thank you for being there for me! You know who you are! LOL.

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