‘Big Eyes’ Film Notes/Review – Oh My Word!!! A+

This is my favorite film I have seen in years, possibly since Revolutionary Road … possibly better! (More on Rev Road in an upcoming blog!) AND Rev Road is my favorite film of the past ten years or so. I was not sure what to expect with this film: Big Eyes. I had been interested in seeing it when it was released/ it caught my eyes. 🙂 It was only natural: artistic, mysterious, and so on. …

So I kept getting drawn in, more and more. There is something to it. Something about well … all of it! And the ending is a must see moment! Wow – how empowering! How turbulent! How wonderful! It drew me in and and my interest level went on and on and up. … The acting is outrageously believable! Amy Adams nailed the last scene to no end! And has a Golden Globe to show for it. Bam.

Trailer (dumbs it down a bit – it is truly amazing and through-provoking!):

(Note: – not just for people interested in art – I see it appealing to anyone interesting in questioning the world around them! Which I believe is everyone to varying degrees!)

Notes/ observations:

Based on a TRUE story

Highly unique

Has to due with identity

Losing yourself to a spouse

Paving your own way









Very complex/ yet simple

Business dealings

A friend who see though – to the truth – of you – and they care


Unethical dealings to get larger checks

Critics/ gatekeepers


I have enjoyed the songs from Lana Del Rey, now even more. One is sad, the other is hopeful – of course I enjoy them both 🙂

Stay tuned for blog Part II on “Big Eyes.” I have some research to do!

One scene reminded me of my time traveling – during and “post” the Great Recession. My thoughts:

It was raw

It was true

I saw people

I saw the destruction

In people’s eyes

They knew something was off, even wrong

But most just could not put their finger on it. …

Can you?


I rented via redbox … Amazon links here:

Amazon Movie Link


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