Notes on Detroit: Part One (Pre-Visit)

So I am wanting/needing to visit Detroit! I have been so curious about it all! The development. The artists. The museum thinking of auctioning everything to pay city debts! The wonderful and alive people! I have an art and urban planning background, so I really need to visit this city and get firsthand scoop!

Whenever I read re-development/art related Detroit stories/view vids, I feel inspired. Inspiration seems to be difficult to come by these days …

This lady seems fantastic!

β€œWhere an animal will die, a Bohemian (or artist in this case) can live.”

Outdoor museums of found objects! Love it! How fascinating!

I also need to feed my semi-obsession with visiting Whole Foods Markets in whatever city I am in. Newly opened stores are the most exciting/alluring. It has been work related, but I simply enjoy checking out the different stores and seeing the local flavor of people and the community. And of course amazing healthy food. πŸ™‚

Detroit has a newly opened store downtown! Of course it is on my list. πŸ™‚


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