Goodbye Facebook? Fbook as USPS? $1 Per Message??

So Facebook admitted to “mood manipulating” 700,000 users for a “test.” What else are they up to?

“Facebook ‘conducted widespread experiments’ on user data to ‘alter people’s behaviour’”

I have been wanting to get rid of my personal page for a while …

Fbook is a tool – it can be used in different ways. Is it working for you?

Oh, by the way. I paid $1 to send a message via fbook. Yep! Folks, that is more that a first class REAL letter via USPS! Or a real postcard with a nice picture on the front!

Fbook as USPS?

Recently I needed to get in contact with this new friend. I did not have another way to be in contact. At the same time, fbook would not allow me to add this person as a friend. Or to message this person, or “non-friend,” according to fbook.

Dot get me started on their pesky “other” mailbox. Yes it exists – they filter mail for you- that they deem as “spam.” But I have never received spam on there. It seems they are doing this to begin charging for “fbook mail.”


more here:

Facebook Mood Manipulation: 10 Bigger Problems


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