Book Review! ‘Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers’ by Anne Lamott

First off, this book is very fun and just downright truthful. Lamott has achieved a level of self-assurance mixed thoroughly with humility that most current writers could only hope for. Subtle and poignant, she tells it like it is, as always. Politics are not my thing in regards to writing, don’t worry, she seems to be tired of them as well and seems to mostly avoid the topic.


There is something to her stories with the pages of her books that fine tunes a mixture of wisdom and a sort hilarity. Like she said in Bird by Bird: people will pay extra if you make them laugh. 🙂

She chooses three prayers which seem simple enough, but how often are we saying thanks, help or even wow?? Lamott has a degree of sophistication that is wide-ranging, fun and deep. The choice of those three prayers was simple and wise. She has plenty of seasoned stories to go along with each.

Toward the end, I instantly felt embarrassed to learn this nugget of truth: amen means “and so it is, or truly.” How nice/embarrassing! I always love to be educated and or informed about common words we all use and or know and do not really know what they stem from.

Strong book. Quick read. Check it.

The book on amazon:


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