‘Blue Jasmine’ – Film Notes

Blue Jasmine moves along quickly and alternates between the present and past via flashback scenes. Overall, bravo! The end may leave your mind spinning ๐Ÿ™‚ Cate Blanchett, WOW! How did any actress pull this role off??ย  Best film I have seen all year…

Uncomfortable questions and concepts the film may have you considering …

Love or the lack of true love can be exposed with tension and or extreme conflict?

Family being there vs family just being there to help you?

Are people disposable and if so, at what point?

Do or should people have a breaking point?

What happens when your revenge tactic takes you down as well?

Bonus question: What does it mean to settle for default?ย  And is the price worth it?ย  :/ย  !!


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