‘The Way, Way Back’ Movie Review and Other Related Notes

I was referred to ‘The Way, Way Back’ by Donald Miller. Or reminded. I saw the trailer a while ago, but then forgot about it.

Quick thoughts:

Sometimes it takes someone believing in you to get on the right path. The teen had little self respect, just like his mother.  That is until he is given respect by a stranger, a job, and respect from a group of peers.

The mother was not a horrible parent, but she really did not protect her child from this constant negativity coming from her boyfriend.

Steve Carell can shockingly pull off “the mean guy.” (mother’s boyfriend)

It reminds me of when I first read a Donald Miller book. He said something about how some people need to see someone else knowing Jesus, then they may want to… I loved that part.

I enjoyed most of the film, but I do not buy what it is selling: that one person can inspire you to turn your life around and possibly everything will be perfect. That does not work. Maybe short term.  People can be inspiring and the last five minutes of the film are very much so!  Not that I do not believe in a true love that is possible on earth. But things can fade and and change overnight. Unless that person is Jesus, which is overwhelmingly true and not of this world. Bam.

Note:  viewer discretion advised

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