Garrett is interested in the intersection of pop culture, current events, the way we live our lives, why we make the decisions we do, the American Dream/Dilemma, and the interconnection or disconnection with/from faith in the world we find ourselves living in the present day.

Garrett’s current release is book two of his dystopian trilogy: Mastrick of jala, Inc. He describes Patience: Compromised as as political powerhouse short novel set in a dystopian world. Upcoming releases will include the non-fiction thriller: An American Millennial and a fiction series he co-created entitled: Assistance. He loves art as much as writing and has had two pop-up galleries featuring his work. His art is in private collections nationwide. Facebook fan page: Garrett blogs at

Short Novel/Dystopian/Thriller/Trilogy: Mastrick of jala, Inc. 

Book Three – Coming Soon!!

Please sample the first half of Book One – for FREE! @ Noisetrade!

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Patience: Compromised!

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Short Novel Trilogy:

Mastrick of jala, Inc.

by Garrett Larson

Now on Amazon!

This book will change your life and how you see it?

Spot on with the world we find ourselves living within – spiritual and feisty – A deep and hopeful undertone, but not overly “religious” or pushy. Insightful and helpful – just what the world is silently demanding – an acknowledgement of a subconscious cry of help – I hope this book can assist people in understanding themselves and the world we live in. As one reviewer described the book: “it helped me find joy in the madness (of the world).”

Mastrick of jala, Inc. provides a fresh new context for faith in the futuristic world presented. Allowing readers to consider faith in a different light and out of the standard American/current world culture.

What People Are Saying:

“This book is exciting in its originality and freshness. It’s different. The writer demonstrates incredible unconventional talent, imagination, deep thinking and the ability to put it all together in a thought-provoking manner. As I read, I saw a stage play with Larson projecting his unique talent with words and hands around very serious concepts. … Mastrick of jala, Inc. makes me reflect on the hidden messages that are barely glimpsed. I was captured by the unusual format, loved the chapter titles, the concept of time, the God element woven in with a sprinkling of Bible quotes. The analogies were visual and delightful. Mastrick of jala, Inc. could and should have a long run on a best sellers list.” – Maryann Wakefield, Author

dystopian, futuristic, romance, suspense, science-fiction, christian, fantasy, spiritual, millennial, inventive, creative, artistic



Book One vs. Book Two – Mash Up Promo Card


An American Millennial

A Non-Fiction Thriller

by Garrett Larson

* Coming Soon *

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