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Garrett is interested in the intersection of pop culture, current events, the way we live our lives, why we make the decisions we do, the American Dream/Dilemma, and the interconnection or disconnection with/from faith in the world we find ourselves living in the present day.Garrett’s current release is book one of his dystopian trilogy: Mastrick of jala, Inc. Upcoming releases will include the non-fiction thriller: Fireworks, a Plane and a Moon. He loves art as much as writing and has had two pop-up galleries featuring his work.
Garrett Larson began to consider his opportunities, or lack thereof in the midst of the Great Recession, and realized he wanted to combine his passion for art with his independent spirit and created Grapple Fine Art by Garrett Larson. Select work has been exhibited in the Midwest of the United States. Other pieces are in private collections in California, Nevada, Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Missouri.

Much of his current work deals with reality by way of fantasy. There is a high degree of interest in conveying a whimsical feeling through his work as well as showcasing nature’s radiance. Grappling with life’s challenges and obstacles can sometimes become more than you bargained for. Life’s many questions and concerns are often examined through the artwork. Critical thinking is highly valued. Therefore let me introduce you to: Grapple Fine Art by Garrett Larson.

His art is in private collections nationwide. His first book is available on amazon.com. Facebook fan page: facebook.com/garrett29 Garrett blogs at garrettlarson.info.

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